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Tassie Birds:  I have a gorgeous little female Superb Fairy Wren that is constantly assaulting my windows to get inside.  She is a beautiful little thing, though, as with most female birds, is a bit on the drab side (at least she isn’t black!).  The males are the ones who sport the amazing bright blue mating colors.  This little hen has a suitor, and he is as persistent about his task as she is about getting inside my lounge room — I suspect a bit of cause-and-effect here — but as handsome as he is in his blue finery, the poor little fellow has lost his tail.  Something has obviously snatched it off him.  He wouldn’t have matured to the mating feathers without having a tail, so he has either narrowly escaped a predator, or been out-classed by a rival.  Either way, the object of his fancy is not impressed.  As any woman will tell you, a male who can’t keep a grip on his body parts is not a good candidate for a husband.  If you want to see some fabulous photos of these little charmers, I suggest you check out the website below.


Cheese-making update:  I should report that I have sampled two of the five little camemberts that I made some weeks ago.  The first one was tasted (okay, devoured) at four weeks; the second at five weeks.  I’m due to scarf the lot soon.  I shall enlist the help of my family.  Or not.  It’s pretty good.   The only other forays into the cheesemaking arena have been a couple batches of ricotta. YUM.  That’s all I’m saying.

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Well, my traveling partner, swanning mate, and talented niece, Mary, has made the Case for the Negative in the debate proposition: “It’s Time to Stop Wearing So Damn Much Black”  Her argument is found on marydwithchildren.wordpress.com.  She makes a splendid argument, but I don’t buy it.  I was that frazzled, over-busy working woman once, so I know what she’s talking about.  I’ve been there.  I still don’t buy it.  I say we need to push the fashion world into offering us less black and more color.   Vote with your credit cards!   Lighten up, out there! 

* * *

Turning to other things, I”ve just had a Cosmic Cupboard experience.  If anyone stumbles across a pair of pewter-colored sandals, abandoned in an unlikely place, could you please let me know.  Unfortunately there will be no reward, but I will publish your name right here, with a glowing account of your kind and  conscientious nature.

* * *

Lucky Me:  I mention this only to make you envious.  That’s the kind of girl I am.  This week I am privileged to have two members of the very talented Australian Youth Orchestra staying with me.  Simone is a violinist; Catherine plays the clarinet;  both are delightful girls, and a pleasure to host.  The AYO is here preparing for a huge concert on Saturday night in combination with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.  Together, the two orchestras are big enough to tackle Mahler, and are playing Mahler’s Ninth.  It should be fabulous. I can’t wait.  Now don’t you wish you lived in Hobart?       MM