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Oh, Dear.  I fear my last two posts may have left you with the wrong impression.  While the information contained therein is, in my humble experience, correct, it is also limited to those things which I typically find to be a puzzlement to my overseas guests.  Generally speaking, the food in Australia is outstanding.  We are blessed with the most wonderful fresh produce and wonderful fresh seafood, and dining out is a real treat.  But you do have to get through lunch, and Aussie take away food is pretty much as I described it.  But be assured that there are heaps of other options, including Italian, Greek, Asian food of all sorts — Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese — and zillions of terrific Indian restaurants.  Not so much Mexican, but some is available.  So, for Pete’s sake, don’t let me put you off the food here.  It’s just that there are . . .  differences, which you should be aware of.  Once you know what those are, you’ll find Australia a culinary delight.

Am I forgiven now!???     MM

PS   If any of you out there have had any interesting experiences dining out in Australia, I’d love to hear about it.