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I’ve been doing some research and because I know some of you are keen to get started looking after your brain health,  I’ll share my preliminary results immediately.  The first thing to note is that all measurements are based on plain M&Ms.   Also, for those who are thinking of substituting Smarties, please be aware that there is no evidence to support the use of Smarties as being a suitable substitute, despite the name. 

Here are my findings:

250 M&Ms weighs 225 g   (7 1/2 oz)

For those who wish to experiment with varying the dose for your own particular needs, it might be helpful to know that:

 50 M&Ms weighs 45 g  —  that’s 1 1/2 oz for the decimally-challenged;   for the dismally-challenged I have no further recommendations.

If you don’t do well with scales, then you could use a volume measure.  As it happens, 250 M&Ms equals 1cup.  That is not as exact a measure as the weight, but if you aren’t a student, a pharmacist, a bricklayer, or such, it will probably be close enough.  It certainly is close enough for government work.

If you are in a household where there are other people, I recommend a lock, or an alarm system.

I personally suffer the occasional bout of low blood-chocolate (I think the technical term is hypo-chocolacemia).  I’m hopeful that this diet will aid in that as well as improving my brain health. 

I hope this helps.  Good luck to all of you!       MM  (No pun intended)