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The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I have added a couple new links to my Blogroll .  One is called Fun Favorites For Ferret Fanciers.  Another is Fossil Cove.  Let me explain.  I really don’t have an F-word fetish;  I recently was invited to participate in an online workshop, a challenge to develop six web pages (called lenses) in six weeks.  I decided it would be an opportunity to learn something about this online stuff, so I accepted the invitation.  (It didn’t cost me anything; I’m not stupid!)  At the same time I was in the middle of doing a two week workshop on Travel Writing.  The first week of the lens-writing challenge was a ‘try it out’ sort of thing, as was the ‘assignment’ for the travel writing workshop,  so, in the interest of efficiency (Did I hear someone mention the word lazy?!), I decided to make one job do for both.  Hence, Fossil Cove.    It basically describes the lovely cove at the bottom of my garden, and rather than reproduce it here, I thought any of you who are interested can just click on the link.  It’s a different sort of website than this;  I’d be interested to know what you think.

Now.  About the Ferrets.  My assignment for this week is to create an online holiday shopping list.  More specifically, a shopping list about something unique, for a niche market.  My brain seized up.  I couldn’t think of anything, so I went onto Amazon to see if something might catch my fancy.  Well!  I happened upon some interesting items for ferrets.  It was crazy.  You would not believe the things you can get for a ferret.  Well, yes you will if you visit my website.   I had a ball putting that together.  A word of warning:  One aim of these websites is to earn money.  At least for some people that is the aim.  I’m not trying to do that, so any royalties (hah) that would come from the website go directly to charity.  What that means is that if anyone wanting to buy any item featured on it clicks on the link, and subsequently buys the item, that sends a royalty to the charity I’ve nominated.

I don’t mention all of that to encourage spending.  I only mention it so that you’ll understand why all that advertising stuff is there .  .  .  that it was the point of the exercise.  And who knows, there may be someone out there who really does want a Ferrets Wheel for Christmas.

Meanwhile, I tried to add a bit of other content that would be fun and/or informative , like Five Fun Facts About Ferrets.   I knew absolutely nothing about ferrets to start with,  so I found the whole exercise fun and interesting.  But I doubt it will make the charity rich.      MM