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You fill in your own caption. I’m speechless.

Obviously I went to a Halloween Party.  That’s a fairly new concept in Australia, so I felt the least I could do to encourage the locals to observe this time-honored tradition here would be to get right into the spirit of things.  (Spirit, get it?)  What I achieved was to frighten the living daylights out of the lot of them.  They may think about having another such party in the future, but they probably won’t invite me to dress up.

I made it clear from the outset that anyone who asked me where I got the wig was likely to get their lights punched out.  The rest was all face paint.  I promise.  Even the blacked out teeth.


The caption suggested by the computer is “The Mona Lisa” Whatever.

Now for the zinger.  It’s time (so maybe a few days late) to tell (okay, re-tell) my Annual Halloween Joke.  Those of you who do not appreciate what I would have to describe as slightly-bad-taste humor, please look away now.   No, that won’t help; you’ll have to scroll down a few lines.  Anyway, here goes:

Question:  Why don’t witches wear any knickers?

Answer:  So they can get a better grip on the broomstick.


Moving on to Thansgiving.  (Thank heavens, I hear you gasp)  Well, you remember I explained in the previous post about the online challenge project I’m doing, the  reason for the Fun Facts About Ferrets issue?   I can now reveal (whoopee) that this week’s challenge relates to cooking;  Thanksgiving food in particular.  (and it doesn’t involve selling.  much.)  In it, I plan to reveal — and demonstrate, without witch’s make-up, how to make . . . my famous Dinner Rolls To Die For.    These are easy, no-need-to-knead rolls that should grace every Thanksgiving table.  If requested by enough people , by leaving a request in the Comments, I shall give the recipe here as well.  It’s up to you.  I have references.         MM

me close-up 7

This is how I really look. Don’t believe the other pictures.