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Just a short post to announce a new service I’m starting as of today.  On my way home from swimming a little while ago I spied three separate deposits from the Cosmic Cupboard, and it got me to thinking. (At last!)  I could do a real service here, reporting items that show up in this area.  Likewise, anyone who sees something elsewhere can report it here.   Who knows?  Perhaps we will be able to link people up with their lost items from around the world.  Likewise, you can report missing items that you suspect have been sucked up into the Cosmic Cupboard, and possibly  someone will find them and report them here.  So, if you’ve lost something, or found something, by all means, check in here.  I’m thinking of  calling the new service “The Cosmic Lost and Found” . . .   It has a nice sound, don’t you think?

(BTW:  for those who don’t know what the Cosmic Cupboard is, I refer you back to:  An Answer to Two of the World’s Great Mysteries posted here on Aug 20 2009.)

Sightings on Algona Road within approximately three miles:
2 December 2009

* one baseball cap, red, with white writing (couldn’t read what it said), seen  at the edge of a roundabout

one basin, large, white (appeared to be plastic) along the side of the highway a mile further down

one nightie, pink — size unknown — beside the highway, a mile and a half further on

If anyone can describe an item more specifically, I shall endeavor to retrieve it for you.

There was also a dead possum, but I’m thinking he was just careless.                  MM