Okay, just a quick note to post some photos of the aforementioned quilt project, including some pix of the inspiration for it.    I’ve named the quilt (quilts should always have a name) Tasmanian Sunrise.  The photos I took this morning of today’s sunrise probably don’t do it, or other sunrises justice, but you can’t expect expert photography from your bedroom window whilst still in bed!  Sometimes they are more spectacular, but these will give you the idea for the inspiration.  Looking into the light of the sunrise you miss the blues and greens of the water and the trees, but you get the idea. 

Tasmanian Sunrise - First light

Tasmanian Sunrise - a few minutes later

Tasmanian Sunrise - time to get up!

Okay.  Here’s the quilt.  (Amy, if you’re watching, Look Away Now!)

Tasmanian Sunrise Quilt

Writing the book was a whole lot easier.       MM