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It turns out I’m becoming a Lady Who Lunches.  And, I’m having a rather splendid time while I’m at it.  This current week is a perfect case in point; allow me to iterate:

  • Sunday Mary, Tom, and I went to the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City, where we had an excellent lunch in the restaurant there (between viewing exhibitions)
  • Monday  Mary and I attended a fashion show and lunch, in aid of the Women’s Employment Network — a volunteer organization helping women who are entering/re-entering the workplace
  • Tuesday  Mary and I had lunch with a friend 
  • Wednesday  Mary and I had lunch in Lawrence, KS before having massages and haircuts
  • Thursday  Mary and I had lunch at home.  Yes, my friends, at home.  But only because we were having dinner out later to celebrate with Tom’s clan (which could, if they all lived in the same neighborhood, have their own postcode)  the sixtieth wedding anniversary of Tom’s parents, Ruth and Harry.  A great time was had by all.
  • Friday (today)  Mary and I had lunch out with two of her fellow book club members.  We’re back home now–she’s busily vacuuming while I sip a marguerita and write this.  I think that’s a reasonable division of labor.
  • Saturday (tomorrow)  Plans are not yet formalised, but we — Mary, Tom, and I — are going to attend the Symphony Under the Stars in the Flint Hills tomorrow evening, which may require that we eat lunch out.  If there’s time in the morning before we leave for the Flint Hills, we may go to a Saturday market, which may require that we eat lunch out.
  • Sunday  Mary and I will be joined by another of my nieces, Debbie, and my nephew’s wife, Joanna, for a Carey Women Roadtrip through Wisconsin.  It’s shaping up to be more of a boarding party (Residents of Wisconsin, be alert!), but it will no doubt require that we have lunch out.
  • Monday – Thursday we will be lunching out in various venues around Wisconsin.

I think I’ve succeeded in making my point: that I am eminently qualified to discuss Lunch.  Alternatively, I’m more than happy to join you for lunch; just say the word.                    MM