I despair.  The world is crazier than I thought.  I like funny, but there’s nothing amusing about a couple news items I read recently.  I’ve been away–more about that next time–and these news items occurred before that, so I’m a little pokey getting around to commenting.  Nevermind.  These items are insane anytime.  I might add, the two (Reuters) reports were presented back to back.  A double dose.  If you happened to catch them at the time, I hope you were as appalled as I was/still am.

First item– Dateline Salmon, Idaho:   FREE GUN OFFER When You Subscribe to Satellite TV

It seems that some jerk (oops! did I say that outloud?) thought it would be a nifty idea to improve business in a chain of electronic stores in Idaho and Montana by offering  free guns!  to first-time subscribers of satellite TV services.  The combined RadioShack and Dish Network dealerships were offering a  $135 coupon for a gun from a local sporting goods store.  The “brain” (I use the term loosely) that came up with the idea says it has been a sure-fire way to target satellite subscribers in the region–a region that is firearm-friendly anyway.  And guess what?  Dish Network’s satellite subscriptions have increased threefold since the offer of free pistols and shotguns began.  And we can all guess what else has increased threefold during that promotion…

How handy!

It’s a pity the “brain”  behind the offer didn’t think of something a bit more people-friendly, like maybe  a free lap-dance.  Now that would have had the protesters out in force!  I can’t help wondering what the response would have been if the offer had been vouchers for some sort of free educational materials for kids, or free first aid kits, or pharmaceutical vouchers for the elderly.  (That was a rhetorical “wondering”… I know what the response would have been.)

Second item–Switchblades Legalized for One-Armed People

I’m sorry, but that just makes me laugh.  Not laugh at one-armed people, just at the whole notion that switchblades are illegal at all, and to pass a law making an exception for one-armed people so that they don’t have to open the  blade with their teeth.  It’s all too ludicrous.  It is illegal to carry a switchblade in most places, but it is legal to own one in some states.  It is apparently legal for a one-armed person to carry/use a switchblade on federal property, so long as the blade is shorter than three inches.  (See?  Once again, size does matter.)  This new law, passed recently in Maine, will also require that the blade be three inches or shorter.

Why are we so anxious about switchblades, but turn the other way when the subject of high-powered automatic guns is raised?  Because there isn’t (yet) a NSA…

Third Item–Weapons on Campuses

In a more recent article,  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have made Arizona the second state in the nation to allow an individual to carry a firearm — concealed or not — in the public rights of way on higher education campuses.  Her reason was  that the bill was “so poorly written.”  She said  the bill failed to define “public rights of way,” and it included  state schools, where firearms are prohibited by federal and state laws.  Good move, Gov. Brewer, but dopey reason.

Meanwhile, Utah allows firearms inside campus buildings.

Reason  #472  why I live in Tasmania.      MM