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I don’t get it.  For years I’ve been hearing about how chocolate–or sugar in general–causes a “sugar high” in kids and makes them hyper.  I’m no expert, so I’m not aiming to contradict the wisdom of those who are, but in my day–as in, when my kids were little–we just thought kids went ballistic on birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. because they were excited about the special event.  We didn’t make the link that they were getting extra sugar.  In fact, I’m not so sure they did. Extra fun and excitement, and a few treats, but not so much sugar.  It got me to thinking.  Perhaps I should do a little experiment.  So I bought a bunch of chocolate and spent an afternoon and evening more or less pigging out.  (the operative word being ‘more’)  Purely for research purposes.  And now I’m here to report the results.  I’m not disputing the wisdom and experience of modern moms, but I have to tell you that there were no energizer bunnies working here.  I’m just saying…  What I did notice, however, was that my dreams were unusually sparky.

Moving on to another topic.  You may recall that I recently purchased a new iMac.  I’m happy enough with it, and am using it without major problems, but I have a feeling that I’m not doing as much with it as I could.  So I decided to get myself a book.  I went into my favorite bookstore, which I should explain was possibly not the best choice for a how-to computer book.  It tends toward the literary side of things. The craft section, for example, is more likely to feature things like ‘Needlepoint Through the Ages’ than ‘101 Easy Sweaters to Knit for Your Dog.’  So it was with some trepidation that I approached the information desk to mumble “where might I  find a computer book?”  Trying to ignore the disdainful look on the information guy’s face, I followed him to the spot.  He obviously thought that, in view of my request, I would not have the wit to navigate the three aisles with only verbal instructions.  Anyway, once there I was agape.  There before me were shelves and shelves of Books for Dummies.  Nothing much in the way of computer books, except the ones for Dummies, but of those there was a vast range of choices.  I wound up with Mac for Dummies and Office 2011 for Mac for Dummies.

The whole thing got me thinking. (And you know what that means…)  Well! thinks I, always alert for an opportunity to blunder onto something new, I could write a book for Dummies!  But on looking at the groaning shelves, it seemed every possible topic was covered.  I didn’t actually look at them all closely–I only had 55 minutes left on the parking meter–but I could see that the range of subjects was impressive.  Never mind, I thought.  I’ll think of something.  And indeed I have.

Look  for it in your nearest bookstore:   Shopping With Small Children for Dummies.         MM