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Well, folks, I’m about to hit the road for a trip to Adelaide. I’ve made the trip many times, and I never know what it will offer in the way of surprise, amusement, difficulty, boredom, or pleasure. My travelling companion is my son, Adam, who would best be described as a sit-down comedian, so I’m guessing this trip will be characterised by fun and laughter. Of course, he was also the one who rolled his ute on the way back from Adelaide a couple months ago…

Meanwhile, elder son, Randall, will be cat-sitting for me. I wonder who got the rottenest job?

Anyway, stay tuned as I hit the trail. A trail, incidentally, which includes an overnight trip on the Spirit of Tasmania (a huge ferry).

I’ll get back to you as soon as I get to Adelaide.
If I can still write. MM