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The time has come to start making Lists. I’m going overseas soon for an extended period, and there is Much To Do. Lists are essential. I’ll start by making A List of the Lists I’ll Need.

1. Getting the House Ready 

Preparing the house for others to live in it is the hardest part.  Why is it that all the things you’ve been meaning to do for the past several years seem to need urgent attention Before You Go Away.  I always like to add one or two items that I’ve already done so I can check them off immediately.  That way I can feel like I’m making progress

2.  Household Administration 

Thank goodness most stuff can be done online these days!  How cool is online banking and BPay!!?

3.  Packing 

This, of course, is the Biggy, and has many (!) Sub-Lists, and sub-Sub-Lists

3a Clothes to take

– Autumn clothes (casual)
Winter clothes (casual)
– Summer Clothes (for the tropics) (casual)
– Autumn clothes (dressy)
 Winter clothes (dressy)
– Summer Clothes (for the tropics) (dressy

3b Shoes to take

– casual winter
– dressy winter
– casual summer
– dressy summer

3c Lingerie 

(never mind the sub-lists)

3d Electronic equipment, cables, adapters
3e Toiletries
3f Cosmetics
3g Miscellaneous 

(Estimate number of suitcases needed in case you need to buy more)

4.  Shopping

4a  See lists 3a thru 3g
4b  New Suitcase(s) as needed
4c  Tons of catfood

5.  Things to D0

Item 1: Remind readers with a financial interest in the Aussie dollar that they have only two weeks to deal with the upcoming plunge. Maybe less. (I refer you to my previous warnings of April 30, 2010 and May 4, 2010). I’ll say no more about this as I don’t wish to be accused of harping on it and possibly exacerbating an already fraught situation.

Item 2:  Prepare cats for move to Wilmot

Item 3:  Prepare Adam for cats move to Wilmot

6.  Things you can put off until you get there

See Lists 2, 3, 4

I’ve gotta stop now, folks; my brain hurts.  And, besides, I’ve gotta go buy some more notebooks.        MM