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Truly.  I am utterly speechless.  Well, okay.  I can speak, and write, but I am overwhelmed at the amazing response to my article on my approaching high school reunion.  First of all I was thrilled to have the article “Freshly Pressed;”  what an honour and compliment that is!!  Then, even more gratifying was the wonderful response from readers and fellow bloggers.

Much to my surprise, the topic seemed to strike a chord with people of all ages.  So many have written to tell me a bit of their own story. Some have been to a reunion and wanted to share that experience.  Others haven’t been to one, but are wondering about it–should they go or shouldn’t they.  Particularly surprising to me was the number of people–again, of all ages–who harbour strong negative feelings about their high school years.  They were not the halcyon days of youth, it seems.  I’m eager to talk to my classmates and see how they feel about it.  Mind you, I will be sampling a biased group–those who attend the reunion will be strongly represented by people who have fond memories, and who wish to reconnect with those years and with the people from those years.  All I can say at this point is “It should be interesting!”

I would love to reply to many of the comments I received, but at the moment I am in the throes of getting ready to go overseas for six months, and frankly I don’t quite know if I’m Arthur or Martha.  So much to do!  The hardest part is getting the house ready for the lady who will be living here while I’m away.  I haven’t yet begun to think about packing.  I leave day after tomorrow…  So you can see, it might be a while before I have much time to reply.  Meanwhile, a huge Thank You to all who have written in.

Many people urged me to write a follow-up article after the reunion.  Indeed I will. The reunion is in just over two weeks (Sept 16-17), so you can expect to get the low-down soon thereafter.  I expect it will be a hoot.  Stay tuned!      MM