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This is sidusitis.  It  happeds every tibe I take a log flight  I theek it is the extrebely dry air over such a log tibe.  I cad tell you, it’s dot a good look–the puffy eyes, the big red dose.  But, Hey!  I’b here, ad id tibe I’ll be dorbal agaid.  Beadwhile, it’s a pleasure to catch up with various fabily bebbers ad freds.

I dotice that people id public places are idclide to turd away from be, doh doubt fearied that I’b codtagious.  I would too, if I were theb.  But you’re safe…at least there is doh deed to worry about catchied a cobputer bug, eh?  Hah hah

Deedless to say–but of course I’ll say it eddy way–apart frob by little excursiod to the Apple Store, I have’t dud eddythig to write about.  So I’ll stop.  By waste basket ruddeth over.  Where did I put those dew boxes of tissues, eddy way?     IB IB