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Confession time.  I’m a sucker for hats.  And pottery.  And  jewellery, And…well, you get my drift.  Actually, I don’t normally like to shop.  That is, I would never think about going shopping as something fun to do.  On the other hand…when I am shopping, particularly if I’m with a friend, I can go a bit crazy.  Okay, a lot crazy.  Yesterday was such an occasion.

It all started at the Harvest Moon Native American Indian festival in Kansas City.  The ‘first annual’ such festival, so it was a small affair, with a number of stalls selling jewellery and various indian items, pottery, food, and featuring Native American dancers and music.  It was a gorgeous day, the crowd was relaxed and clearly intent on having a good time, and the music was infectious.  All signs of impending madness.

I went with a friend who shared my fondness for looking at jewellery.  Especially of the silver and turquoise variety. I managed to exercise restraint…for a while, anyway.  (Actually, I made a deliberate decision to see everything before I got out my credit card…)  And there was lots to see.

At some point–I’m not good at time-telling whilst shopping–we decided to go across to the Westport district of the city for some Mexican food, which was yummy.  But here’s where it all starts to turn nasty.  Sharing not only my fondness for turquoise jewellery, said friend is also a Hat Person.  A Hat Person who just happened to know of a great little hat shop right next to where we were parked.  Those of you who are fellow Hat People will understand the complete fun of going mad in a hat shop.  Quite some time, and many hats-tried-on later, we left the shop with me wearing one of my three new hats.  As it seems to be confession time, I should probably add that all three are cowboy hats.  “Now what’s that about,” I hear you ask.  My only response is…it seemed like a good idea at the time.  At least they are all totally different.  One black, one red, and one straw.

I’ve always been a Hat Person.  When I was  teenager I had a lot of hats.  In those days  (or as the grandkids would say, “in the olden days…”) ladies wore hats everywhere.  I mostly wore my hats to church, much to the amusement of the rest of the congregation.  One of my favourites was a very simple white thing that looked like a deflated pop-over.

I did buy a wee bit of jewellery as well.  One pair of feather earrings, which are downright yummy.  And another pair which are very unusual.  Perhaps I’ll add a photo of a hat and the feather earrings, but at the moment I am “indisposed”  as they say.  I seem to have broken my ankle, so will have to deal with certain matters before I can organise a photo-shoot.  I’ll tell you about the Ankle Incident in the next post.    MM

BTW:  Pottery was also purchased…   Call back later for photos