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Okay, so it isn’t actually a ski boot,  More of an orthopaedic cast, but it reminds me, ever-so-fondly, of my long-ago experiences wearing ski boots (not that there were any orthopaedic casts involved, but there was a lot of falling down, as I recall).  I’m not as sure these experiences–or, rather, the one experience of sitting-in-a-reclining-chair, had over and over again–will be remembered so fondly. I’m nearly over missing the ballet; and I’m nearly over missing the trip to Toronto.  Okay, I’m not.  But what vexes me at the moment is my utter and total uselessness  (WOW!  that word has five S’s in it.  You tend to notice things like that when confined to a chair.)  Anyway, there is precious little that I can actually do at the moment.  In fact, if it weren’t for my darling computer, I would probably be making myself sick from eating the acrylic in my fingernails.

I hear what you’re thinking.  You are thinking “Why the devil doesn’t she just use the unexpected time to work on her book?  To write, do research, instead of just moaning to us?”  You’ve got a point.  A very good point, in fact.  But you don’t know jacksh*t about trying to write when you should be having a glorious time at Parry Sound, Ontario, on your way to see your dear friend, Susan.  But, naturally, I take your point.  I could be working on my book.  Indeed, perhaps I will be working on it.  Soon.  Just not now.

One has to at least feel a bit clever, even a bit funny–if it’s that sort of book–to sit down at the computer and lose oneself in the lives of one’s characters.  It also helps if there are several other things one ought to be doing just then, to add that frisson of guilt that heightens any endeavour.  Well, that’s just not happening, folks.

Meanwhile, I’m having some issues with the whole crutches thing.  I’d like your advice. My only previous experience with crutches was with what I think are called “Canadian crutches,’ which don’t come all the way up to your armpits.  I found them much easier to use than these I have now.  Of course, that may only be because this time I can’t put weight on My Left Foot.  Anyway, my little dilemma is that I was always taught that you were supposed to bear your weight on your hands/arms, NOT your armpits (shoulders).  Now I’m being advised the opposite.  It just doesn’t feel right to me.  So I did what you and twenty-seven others would do:  I Googled ‘How to use crutches.’  That only made matters worse, as there was conflicting advice.  SO:  what do you guys do?  Armpits or hands?

I’m a bit of a loner, as it happens. I don’t mind being on my own. In fact, I often prefer it.  I like nothing better (okay, few things better) than a day in which I don’t have to leave the house.  But it turns out that only works when I actually can leave the house. Rats. I’m not altogether pleased to have made that discovery.

I wonder if there is such a thing as online scrabble?       MM