I’m not the Hobart Chinaman, but I know who is.  A writer friend signed up to do NaNoWiMo (which, translated, means National Novel Writing Month).  Participants commit themselves to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  It’s an annual–some would say anal–event, every November.  Many of the writers post their daily entries on a blog, and my friend wanted to do that as well.  I agreed to set it up–given that he was flat out writing 1667 words a day.

Well, I’ve got myself into a bit of a tangle.  Without going over all the sordid details, suffice to say I’ve made a bit of a hash of it.  His novel blog (actually, he calls it a brog, being Chinese) –The Hobart Chinaman–is ticking along just fine, but it turns out that his brog is attached to this one, and I can’t seem to create separate profiles.  Either his will carry my name, and maybe even photo, or his name pops up here as the author of MM.  Given that it was my stuff-up, I am using his profile as the default, which is why all of my articles are now said to be by The Hobart Chinaman.  Don’t believe it;  they’re still all mine.

How about we keep this as our little secret, eh?  At least until I get it sorted out.  I don’t think said Chinaman would be too pleased to be accused of writing all my stuff.    MM (AKA: The Hobart Chinaman)