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I’m so excited!  I just received a packet from World Vision containing information about  the two little boys I am now sponsoring.  I’ve been thinking for a long time–years, really–of sponsoring a child, and at last I’ve done it.  The trigger–inspiration, really–was a lovely first-person account of a young man visiting the child he has sponsored for a number of years. He was asked by World Vision to write about his experience.  The writer’s father is a fellow blogger who recently–and proudly–published the story.  You can find it here.

Meanwhile, I have taken the plunge into sponsorship myself.  No doubt many of you are already sponsoring a child and can appreciate how elated I feel.  Perhaps you have your own stories to share.  They are welcome here.

I decided that I would sponsor two young boys:  I chose five year old Felix, from Rwanda, and eight year old Sajithruban, from Sri Lanka.  Because of their ages, and more importantly, because of the lack of a school for Felix, and the very limited schooling for Sajithruban, these boys will not be able to write letters for some while.  They will be able to communicate with the help of a volunteer (and translator), so I shall enjoy writing to them, and my fingers are crossed that I will hear back from them.  I dream of being able to visit their communities sometime in the future, and I will be looking for other ways to help their communities through World Vision.  I can’t show you their photos, but I can tell you that they both are delightful-looking boys–with that spark in their eyes that tells me that not only are the lights on, but someone is definitely at home behind those eyes!

I’m so excited.      MM