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Yes, folks, I now have a Phlog.  It’s called “The Meandering Matriarch Peers Through a Phloggy Lens.”  A Phlog, in case you haven’t worked it out, is a Photo Blog.  Cute, eh?  Okay, not so cute, but who am I to paddle upstream against the tide of jargon?  It just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Not the name; creating the phlog.  I’m not an especially great photographer,  but I reckon this will be a good alternative on those occasions when words fail me.

I travel to places that are spectacular enough that even my little point-and-shoot can capture them respectably well.  Madagascar and Mauritius will be the next posts, following this one.  My first entry is simply a photo essay about my back yard.  Fossil Cove.  Check it out–I think you’ll understand why I rave about it so often.

Looking Through the Arch at Fossil Cove

And please–no remarks about any two-legged fossils you might happen to see pictured.    MM

You’ll find it here:  “The Meandering Matriarch Peers Through a Phloggy Lens.”

PS:  If you’re looking for a good belly-laugh, check out Badger’s Tree Change.  The latest entry–The Driveway of Death–is a hoot.