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You know how some days are just Special?  Well, this is not one of them.  Don’t worry; I’m not gonna start whining, but I just have to say that this is not one of those days the song says are diamonds, or rubies, or whatever it says.  I’d put today more on the scale of a mood ring stone.  (what kind of stone is that, anyway?)  I’m not suggesting that I’m moody, or ‘in a mood’–good heavens No.  I am the first to admit that I do occasionally get cranky.  Even less often, I can be melancholy.  But I  am Never sullen.  That’s why it makes me cranky that the AutoCorrect function on my various iToys invariably changes my name from suellen  to sullen.   Even when I think I’ve over-ridden it enough times for the correct spelling to remain, I discover (after hitting send) that it changed it to sullen again when I wasn’t looking.  It really pisses me off.
I feel better now.

I just came in from cleaning out the chook house, which may explain the mood ring moment.  But I don’t mean to sound whiney.  I’ve also done some pleasant things today–like having a swim, a work out at the gym (okay, that wasn’t exactly pleasant), cooking some apples for apple turnovers–the smell of apples and cinnamon cooking always puts a smile on my dial in anticipation of the turnovers to follow…  So it’s an okay day.  Just no diamonds or rubies.

The chickens are thriving despite the cold, but I’m concerned about the fish.  They seem to have disappeared.  I don’t know whether they are burrowed in the leaf litter to keep  (a) warm, (b) out of sight, (c) all of the above, or if a kookaburra has gobbled them all.  It may well be that a kookaburra has gobbled some and the rest are hiding out.  In any case, I can’t see them.  I’d be surprised if the kookaburras have eaten all fifteen of them without me knowing when they were here.  It’s not as if they are quiet birds. They’re a lot like me, actually:  they laugh loudly and often.  I sometimes wonder if, in a former life, I was a kookaburra (click here if you’ve never seen or heard a kookaburra–amazing birds).  I wouldn’t mind that.  It would beat being a hyena.

Speaking of what I was in a former life, I’m not entirely certain whether I believe in reincarnation — or in what form it might take — but I reckon it makes as much sense as anything else. Check out “The Snowman Theory of Everlasting Life” for more about that. That’s pretty much my take on things.  It’s about as religious as I get.

Meanwhile, I’m in the mood for an apple turnover…              MM