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Just a quick note today, folks, to let you know that I Have Eggs–two lovely little googies, in fact.  I have no idea whence they came–that is, I don’t know who layed them.  It could simply be a resumption of duties by Blossom, dearie, but they are everso slightly different from each other, so I suspect a second chook has got in on the act  We shall see.  Re the differences:  the colour is lightly different, as is the shape. And one is 51g and the other only 46g.   I’m thinking that a hen doesn’t usually lay different colored eggs, or, indeed, different shapes.  So we might have a Copy Cat Layer who is following the lead of Blossom, dearie.  Who knows–maybe that’s what Ella’s been crowing about!

The good news is that both eggs were inside the hen house, rather than under some bush, never to be found (by me, anyway).  I confess that I haven’t been inside the chook house for a couple days, so don’t know exactly when the eggs appeared. Or whether they are from one chook or two.  I shall watch more closely from here, I can tell you!!!  They were on the floor rather than in the egg boxes, so I have put an egg in one of the egg boxes to suggest to them that there is that lovely little place to lay their eggs.  Oh!  This is so exciting!  Eggciting.

Oh!  I almost forgot– when I came downstairs this morning, guess who was peering in the front door at me?  Blossom, dearie!  On her own–the others were out back under their favorite bush.  I’d forgotten to close them in last night.  Blossom, dearie, has always been a bit of a loaner.  Maybe she was looking for me to tell me there were googies and it was high time I collect them . . .                   MM