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I’m so excited!  I’ve just read an article in New Scientist that says that an elephant’s hair style helps keep the animal cool.  In other words, it isn’t a coincidence that elephants are so cool.  It’s down to their “sparse hair.”

Even baby elephants have sparse hair

Elephant of Pinawela

How cool is she!?

I can’t tell you how encouraging it is for those of us with sparse hair to learn that we can still be cool.  Until now I’ve associated the cool animals–hairwise–with leopards, foxes, minks, ocelots, and such. Nowadays, of course it is very un-cool to have actual animal skins and furs, however faux fur fashion continues to find favor amongst fashionistas.  But now there is a sparse-hair model:  the very cool elephant.

Until now my only model was this emu.  And even though she is pretty cool, she does have a definite attitude issue.

It may be a bad hair day, but check out those eyelashes!

Don’t get me wrong–I like a certain amount of attitude.  But just occasionally I’d like to be — well, sweet.  As that gorgeous elephant is.

The thing is, I just had a birthday last week, and even though it wasn’t a big decade milestone or anything, I’m still feeling a wee bit precious about my age.  But now that I know that sparse hair can be cool I’m no longer so anxious about it.  I do think it’s important that people of a certain age  mind that they don’t let their cool slip.       MM