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As an ex-pat American, I can’t view the US election without being emotionally involved. Even after living in Australia for over thirty-three years, I’m still an American at heart, so the passions run high on these occasions.  But my friend, Australian Jeff Flanagan, both is an astute observer of all things, and enjoys the luxury of at least a modicum of objectivity when it comes to the current US presidential campaign.  He recently sent me his observations of the candidates.  I thought you might enjoy them as much as I did.   Thanks, Jeff!

I like to watch developments, in any situation.

What I have noticed is that:

  • Prior to Sandy both Mittens and Obama dispensed with a jacket, rolled shirt sleeves up almost to the elbow, walked short steps quickly, and talked short sentences, quickly.

  • Answered their own questions and  always had obedient, nodding-dog supporters at their back when on camera.

  • Since Sandy arrived Obama has taken care to wear a different “bomber” jacket (covering the rolled sleeves) at every photo opportunity.Some bomber jackets have insignia (he is something In Chief), some have indecipherable patches.   (That’s ‘Commander in Chief,’ Jeff.)

Some are black leather, some brown, some woven fabric, all dark shades.

Sandy has given Obama permission to “change” and present an authoritarian image, a more Presidential image.







Mittens hasn’t changed. Still the rolled sleeves, the (blue checked shirt)  down-to-work, I’ve-rolled-my-sleeves-up presentation.

The Blue Checked Shirt

  • Mittens has shown himself to be a “man for one season”, not “all seasons.” Slow to respond to change.
  • Mittens needs a new puppet master.

Thanks, Jeff                 MM

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