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I’m shocked.  I suppose I should have known it was a possibility, but despite all the previous dramas in the chook yard, I didn’t see this one coming.

Ella, my tail-free rooster, has apparently lured two of the Supremes into the woods.  The two hens have disappeared.  As there is no sign of ‘trouble,’ (of the chicken-plucking kind), I can only presume that they left of their own accord.

Ever since his Great Humiliation last week Ella has been lurking about in the woods surrounding the house.  Whenever I go out to feed the others he waits until they are all pre-occupied eating, then he creeps out from the trees so I can see him, and feed him.  Well, this morning he didn’t make an appearance.  The only ones to greet me were Louie and one Supreme.   I figured the other girls–the other two Supremes and Blossom, dearie–must all be in the hen house.  When I checked, however, only Blossom, dearie, was on the nest.

I’ll cut to the chase:  the two hens and Ella have not been seen again.  Louie has been especially attentive to the two remaining girls. Attention, I might add, that appears to be none too welcome.   Poor Louie is bereft, and the remaining two hens are hiding out in the chook house, pretending to be laying eggs so that he’ll leave them alone.  All I can say is “Good luck, Ella and girls.”  and to Louie–“You brought this all on yourself, silly boy.”          MM