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Ah, c’mon.  This is getting sillier by the day.  I thought Dictionary.com had outdone themselves with their selection of amygdaliform  as a recent Word of the day.  Now they are giving us — are you ready? —  

empurple \em-PUR-puhl\ verb:
1. To color or become purple or purplish.
2. To darken or redden; flush.

Empurple originated in the late 1580s from the Greek prefix em- meaning ‘to become’ and the color ‘purple,’ a word of Tyrian descent for the shellfish from which purple dye was made.
Dictionary.com  Word of the Day
Saturday December 1, 2012

Carrying that to its logical extreme, we can add “em” to any colourful noun and create a nifty new word.  For example, a waiter might ask “Would you like your catfish emblacked?”   A whole city–or country, praise be–could become engreened with a little legislative foresight.  The possibilities are exciting.  Here–I’ll just empuce the next couple lines to illustrate:  How much more delicate it will be if, instead of using the rather crude expression “shitting myself,” one can say “I embrowned my underwear.”                

MM   (And here I’ve emtealed my initials.  Isn’t that cool?)