Goodness, me!  It’s happened again.  I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  A huge thanks to Luanne at Writer Site for the nomination.  I love every comment and every ‘like’ that I get, but there is a special cachet that comes with a nomination like this because it is from another writer/blogger.

The day had started out with all the hallmarks of being a decidedly second-class day–sinuses throbbing, throat scratching–a day to stay in bed.  But thanks to my trusty iPad, under the pillow next to me, (sad, isn’t it?) I discovered the good news without having to get up.  It didn’t cure my sinuses, nor ease the scratchy throat, but it did lift my spirits.  For reasons which I shall reveal in my next epistle, I have been AWOL for a little while, so didn’t respond to the award nomination very promptly.  I hope I’m forgiven.

The rules for accepting the award require that I:

    1. Thank the blogger who nominated me.  (Thank you again, Luanne)
    2. Place the award on my site.
    3. Share 7 random things about myself.
    4. Nominate 15 blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.

So here goes with item 3.

  1. I have a (slightly) broken elbow
  2. My rooster sings better than I do
  3. I have 1109 songs on my iPhone (far fewer if you eliminate the duplications due to multiple versions of the same song by different artists)  BTW:  have you noticed that when you hit “shuffle” the iPhone groups all of the versions of one song together.
  4. I have a fine collection of single earrings, which I intend to turn into a new fashion trend–wearing mismatched earrings.  What else do you do when you lose one?  You can’t just throw a perfectly good earring away!
  5. I have recently lost my taste for pickled eggs (enough is enough)
  6. I like salt on my grapefruit   (try it.  You’ll like it)
  7. I love hats. The bigger the better.

Item 4 is a little tougher.  I don’t know that I’ll manage 15 blogs, but I’ll have a go.  I did this recently, and don’t wish to repeat the same ones, so I’m not sure I can fulfill this requirement. Some I read often, some occasionally, but I enjoy them all.

I hope you take time to check out these great bloggers.  There really are too many to name, but it’s a start!  And thanks again to Luanne for giving me the nod.            MM