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Well, I have less than a week to go, so I have hit my usual meltdown frenzy.  Why do I  do it?  Sounds like a cue for a song, but I don’t have time for that.  I’m going for a little spin in the Caribbean soon and I have to get ready for that AND get the house ready for viewing–just in case someone wants to see it while I’m away.  You would think it would be all ready, given that it was listed some weeks ago, but we’ve been ‘laying low’ during the holidays, and especially during the bushfires.  This is not the best time to be selling a house surrounded by bush…

Anyway, things have gone rather amok in recent weeks, so now I have to pull my finger out and really get with it.  I’ve decided to pack up a lot of extraneous ‘stuff’ and put it in storage up north so that when I do move, it will be there waiting for me.  And that will leave my house less ‘busy’–to please the agents.  As soon as I get back home it will be whisked off to storage.  Meanwhile it will sit in my garage.  Anyway, that’s my aim.

As those who have been around me when I am in this state can attest, my aim is not very good.  Wish me luck.  All that is just a backhanded way of saying I don’t have time to write.  Except that writing does provide me with a good bit of Avoidance Behavior.  Most of you already know that I am a Genuine Expert in Avoidance Behavior, so I won’t belabor the point here.  What I am gonna do, however, is treat you to some random photos of Tasmania, and a great video of the Third Movement of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata.  Enjoy!

As you probably guessed, that was my 16 year old grandson.  I don’t often do the proud-granny routine here, but couldn’t resist this time.  He said he hadn’t played that piece for a couple months and was “rusty”  so he apologised.  Mercy me.           MM