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I know, I know.  Ebay was discovered years ago, but just not by me.  I’d been avoiding it, frankly.  Well, not anymore.  I fear a monster in the making.  Australia Post is already hiring new workers to handle the increase in parcel deliveries.  Okay, I made that up; I don’t actually know if Australia Post is hiring new personnel, but it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit.  Meanwhile, the local post office staff are holding celebrations.

I haven’t yet learned how to sell things–but I’ll get onto that soon.  I couldn’t believe how easy it is to buy stuff!  I am a bit annoyed that more than half the cost of almost everything I’ve bought is going to postage.  I’m considering making up some bumper stickers that say:

Shop on EBAY — Support Your Local Mailman!

I’m expecting to be my postman’s new best friend.  It turns out — much to my astonishment! — that I have successfully made thirteen purchases, and am on the brink (I use the term advisedly) of purchasing seven more.  But lest you think I’m going crazy down here, there is only one item that was over $100.  That is a gorgeous little Wedgewood bisque figurine called “The Dancing Hours.”

Wedgwood Bisque Figurine "The Dancing Hours"

Isn’t she beautiful?

Like any other sport, the thrill is in the chase.  The bidding!  I love it.  I’m sort of torn between preferring those items where no one else is bidding, so the price doesn’t go up, and the fun challenge of outbidding a competitor.  Also, if someone else is bidding at least I know I’m not the only one who wants it. Ebay is sooooo much more fun than Facebook!  For some reason I’ve never been able to get interested in FB or Twitter.  I suppose they do have the advantage of being cheaper…

I did almost come unstuck at one point.  One of the rules is that you can’t lower your maximum bid, once you’ve confirmed it.  Well I meant to put in $2.50, but was out on the deck where the glare on the screen made it difficult to see (that’s my story, folks.  Believe it or not.)  anyway, predictably I typed in $250.  I thought I was in the poo, but fortunately the vendor must have realised what happened and knocked it back to $2.50.  Whew!   I’m more careful now — I don’t bid without my specs on!

I should explain that the reason for buying most of the items I’ve purchased is that I’m about to buy a lovely old manor house in Wilmot, and I’ll need lots of suitable tea sets in order to entertain appropriately.  I’ve never been a tea-set type of person, so this is a new treat for me.  I love the prissy dainty little cups and saucers, and yummy little finger sandwiches and petit fours… I suppose I’ve acquired a taste for them on cruise ships.  Now I’ll get to do the High Tea thing in my own “manor.”  I’m weaning myself from the coffee mug at this very moment!  (I’ll tell you more about this prospective deal in a later post, but I’m kinda superstitious about saying too much before I’ve actually bought it…  don’t want to count my eggs before the chicken lays them.)

Meanwhile, in my enthusiasm for tea sets, I’ve just had a look at Gumtree.com.  I think it’s an Australian site (hence, the name),  and I could narrow it down to items for sale in Tasmania — thumbing my nose at Australia post just a little.  Like ebay, it’s a trap for susceptible individuals.  For example, I stumbled across an original painting by prominent Australian artist, Pro Hart, didn’t I?  What choice did I have?  It’s a good investment.

pro hart

 Painting by Pro Hart, titled “Bass comes across marooned convicts”

I think it’s about time I start looking around the house for items to sell.  Meanwhile, I’d better scoot– I need to dash to the Post Office before it closes.           MM