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Curses!  Everything is collapsing in a heap and I’m down near the steamy end.  My beautiful offer and counter-offer documents have fallen in a hole and are about to be buried under the wait of indecision.  Not my indecision–I’m clear what I want.  Maybe it’s just wrong decisions that are messing things up.  Oh, dear.  Who ever thought this real estate caper could be fun?

As there are no great announcements looming, I may as well tell you what the surprise was supposed to be.  I still aim to make it happen, but who knows where…or when?   I was (indeed, still am hoping…) to buy a lovely old federation manor.  But now I have rivals.  It’s a worry.  The manor is, and still could be, a B&B, but I want to use a portion of it for a gallery. I’ve been systematically adding to my art collection toward that end.  AND, I’ve started a modest collection of ancient artifacts to display in the gallery.  Some of the artwork, but not the artifacts, will be for sale and I’m going to acquire a range of prints and smaller paintings to be for sale.  I hope to make it available for the local artists and craftsmen to exhibit there as well.  I really don’t have to charge a big (or any) commission for that–I just want to support the local artists.

A word about the antiquities:  Old.   Duh, I hear you say.  Of course they’re old, but how old are they?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Most of them are dated around the 4th to the 3rd century BC.  That is old!  It’s a fun collection, with several rather quirky items.  You know me–I always go for the quirky!  I don’t expect many people will be riveted by a display of old pots (though there are some of those, too), but they might like the bird whistle from West Mexico:


or the tripod bowl found in Panama that stands on a trio of coatimundi heads:


And naturally I couldn’t pass up a Greek ceramic vessel in the shape of a rooster
(C. 3rd-2nd Century BC):


So that, friends, is what has distracted me lately.  Don’t get me started on the online auctions…  I’m thinking of starting a chapter of AA here in Hobart.  Auctions Anonymous.          MM