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Okay, this isn’t fun any more.  I feel like I’ve been sucked into a black hole and I can’t find out how to get spat out again.  I think I’ve sold my house, but there is apparently still a wee risk that the sale could fall over, right up until the moment of settlement.  Settlement, HaH!  I can’t think of anything more UN-settling.  So I count on the wee risk being too ‘wee’ to worry about and organize for the movers to come on Friday (42 hours hence) to pack and move everything up north, and store it until I have a place to go.

Speaking of which, I think I have a house — at least I have picked one out — but I’m still waiting for my offer to be accepted.  Then there’s that whole “wee risk” thing again.  This real estate caper is like impetigo of the brain, festering on, refusing to go away.  I wasn’t cut out for this.  I’m an Instant Gratification sort of girl. And I don’t like making decisions that I can’t execute.

Meanwhile, my job for today is to track down everything in the house that can be thrown away and toss it in the 4 cu mtr skip out in front of my house. Where is the Cosmic Cupboard when I need it? There’s so damn much to do, I don’t know where to begin…      I think I’ll take a nap.       MM