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I’ve stopped asking ” What ELSE could possibly go wrong?”  Because the answer is always right there waiting to leap out at me.  This real estate caper has become a farce.  Almost Keystone Cop-like, racing from one calamity to the next, except that no one is laughing.

I’ll spare you the full litany of events that have gone pear-shaped, but just so you know I’m not exaggerating, a few of the highlights include:

  • The movers miscalculated the amount of stuff they had to pack by one container (that’s a railway container) so I hired a BIG truck to take what I could, rather than pay for another container-load.  So I now have two full containers in storage and a couple truckloads being stored at my son’s.
  • the truck got badly bogged in the rain and mud at Adam’s ( son)
  • A large road sign outside the B&B I stayed in was flattened by the truck…
  • As was a large tree branch too close to the driveway of said B&B
  • the rain continued
  • Tonsillitis turned out to be glandular fever

On the up-side, my offer on a great property in Forth was accepted, conditional only on the settlement of my now-empty house in Fossil Cove.  Settlement was supposed to occur on the fifth (Monday) but was delayed until yesterday (7Th).  I got a call at ten to five saying the contract had fallen over.  No settlement.  The purchaser had received notice that his application to clear several acres of trees had been refused by the local council because there are endangered birds on the property.  So he didn’t want it, and had an out clause.

This, of course, means the contract on the Forth property has also fallen over.  Rats.  So I’m still homeless.  Anybody have a spare room?             MM