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I don’t really know…I’ve given up trying to predict what will happen next.  But there have been some developments pointing in the right direction.  I daren’t suggest that the developments are the start of a trend, of course.  Not after what happened to the previous sale.  When it fell over on the very last day I lost all confidence in the process.  But at risk of jinxing things again, I will confide that I do have an unconditional sale that is due to settle on the 14th of November.  PLEASE don’t tell anyone as I am a tad superstitious and don’t want this one to collapse, too.

So what happens next?  Well, that’s a great question.  I know, because I ask it at least a couple times a day.  Given that my house is already mostly empty, it won’t be a big deal to make the final exit.  I expect that to happen tomorrow.  Why so soon? I hear you ask…  That, as it happens, is due to the other big news.   For me it is even bigger than the sale of my house.  I am going to get a new hip on Tuesday.  I’ve been waiting for months, the last two of which have been rather torturous.  I was determined to have this particular orthopaedic surgeon — and so is everyone else in Tasmania, it seems.  And some folks from the North Island (AKA the mainland) as well.  I finally managed to get a bone scan, which when shown to His Highness, The Master Surgeon, sped things along nicely.  Now I’m next cab off the rank.  And very joyful.

At least now I can pin dates to two of the three Big Events in my near future.  The remaining known unknown is Where will I go when I get out of hospital?  That’s kinda important, too, given it’s only a few days away.  To start with, I’ll stay with a dear friend, called E.  She’s a delight–93 years old and running circles around me.  But I can’t loiter long there, so as soon as I’m able to travel a bit I’ll go up to stay at my son, Adam’s place In Wilmot.  I have to tell you, there has been frantic work going on all week toward preparing a place for me…   Adam and a Wil-motley crew of friends are beavering away on my behalf and I am enormously grateful.  They’re even organising a kitchen for me.  Do you suppose they might be hoping I’ll do a bit of cooking?  All of that is beside the point, however.  The real issue is: Where am I going to live permanently?  I’ve looked at many houses, made offers on a couple, and I nearly bought one which I lost out on when my first sale fell over.  It’s no wonder I’m skittish about it all…  So I’m now keeping my options open. This is a major watershed period in my life.  I recently turned 70, sold my house, and am about to leap into a whole new chapter when I purchase my new home

 I was hoping to buy something that would be suitable for a small gallery, with a residence attached.  I haven’t abandoned that idea entirely, so if my current plan doesn’t work out I have some interesting alternatives up my sleeve.  As of right now, I am hoping to purchase a quaint little country store.  I’ve been looking at it for a while, but couldn’t make an offer until the $$ from my house is in my hot little hand.  As that is now only eleven days away, it’s time to get serious!  I’ve been doing a lot of research–this is new territory for me, so I have to go into it well prepared.  Not only is it a country store, but it also has a little tea room and take-aways.  There’s much more to tell about it — it is definitely quirky — but I don’t want to say too much too soon.  As I said before, I’m a bit superstitious.  One thing is for sure though — if I do buy shop, I won’t be short of material to write about!                        MM