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At least I’m not being fed bullshit.  I am, however, being kept in the darK.  I consider the absence of bullshit to be worth the lack of enlightenment.  I don’t yet know what is going to happen regarding the future of the Wilmot Country Store after it burned to the ground January 23rd, one week before I was to take possession.  I don’t know that the owners know any more than I do.  It appears to be in the hands of their insurance company, which is even more disturbing than being in the lap of the gods.

For me, the added problem is that I have no idea where I will live.  A residence was a part of the store.  I’m now staying with my son, Adam, which is somewhat akin to “roughing it.”  Best if I not go into too much detail here…

The thing is, IF I am going to re-build the shop, it will have major ramifications for me to arrange future accommodation.  I’ll need to be looking at smallish tents.  If, on the other hand, I won’t  be  re-building it, then I can re-start the hunt for my dream home.  Or I could take over the renovation of Adam’s house and make it my own.

Meanwhile, all of my worldly goods remain in storage.  I haven’t seen any of my furniture, art, clothes, kitchen stuff, etc., for about seven months.  And there appears to be no end in sight.  “Why do I do it?” the local used car salesman shouts on television…   Well, damned if I know.  I want to re-build the shop, but if I do, I can’t afford to buy a house.  I can’t do both.  This is what I expect is meant by the phrase “horns of a dilemma.”  To be even more specific, in my case that would be the goat horns of said dilemma.  I have experience here.  I have been on those horns, and it was unpleasant.

Goats are funny animals.  HaHa.  Adam has two large goats.  Tory and Grant.  They like to hang around where the people are.  I still have a shadow of the bruise I acquired when Grant decided I wasn’t one of the people he wanted to hang around with.  His nicely curled horn wrapped perfectly around my thigh.  Bit I digress…



Back to my dilemma.  No, I take it back.  I’m putting the dilemma into the too-hard basket  and going out to play with Grant and Tory.          MM