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This could be the answer to my problems! And finding material to salvage should be no problem. It may be a challenge to find room for my art collection, but I can work that out later… MM

Check it out…re-blogged from Grist.


What’s better than a tiny house? (After frozen custard, sex, and memory foam.) Bingo: a tiny house built out of salvaged materials! But if you’re leery of just stapling some rotting doors together and calling it good, Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses wants to help.

This spring, Kittel is leading two hands-on workshops in Luling, Texas: one on how to find salvageable wood and other items for a tiny house, and then a bootcamp from March 3 to 9 in which participants will build a tiny house from repurposed materials. The salvaging workshop is sadly already booked up, but Treehugger says the second one will teach you some critical skills:

This tiny house bootcamp will work on building a 15′ by 12′ home with two floors (which is said to be “big enough to live in full time but small enough to get around building code in urban areas”)…

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