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Living on the Main Street of a little country hamlet like Wilmot is nothing if not charming.   Never before have I had a cow at my front door.  Chickens, goats, possums, wallabies, … but never a cow.  I just know I’m going to love living in Wilmot!

My next-door neightbors here have a cow, whose name I don’t know, so for now I shall call her Maud.  Maud is a familiar sight and sound around the heart of Wilmot  It isn’t unusual to see her strolling down the main street of the village.  It also isn’t unusual to hear her bawling.  I don’t yet know if she is a house cow and needs to be miked, or is merely a lonely cow who needs some attention.  I do know that she is an independent ole girl in search of adventure, and I can relate to that…  I’m thinking I should put a carrot by the front door in case she stops there again.

Life here in Wilmot is mostly peaceful and serene — wandering livestock notwithstanding. There is no shortage of activity.  Most of the neighbors have children so the sound of youngsters playing is the background theme — something I haven’t heard on a daily basis for years.  My house at Fossil Cove was isolated from all that. There are quite a few not-so-young-sters who like to hoon up and down the street, mostly at night in noisy cars…so maybe there isn’t enough activity for everyone after all.

Tonight is Bowls Night, as is every Monday night, in the Community Hall.  Feelers have been put out, apparently, asking if I would be attending.  I know I must; I know I will.  Just not tonight.  I’ve never played bowls before.  My skills with any game involving throwing, bowling, or catching a ball are laughable.  Perhaps that’s why my participation is sought–to inject a bit of levity into the evening.  Actually, I think it’s all a lot of fun and laughter anyway, so I should feel right at home.  It might be less amusing for the poor mug who gets lumbered with me as a partner.  I remember (my son) Adam’s account of his first night at bowls here. He was thrashed by Nan, the 87 year old mother of his mate, Brian.  There is to be a birthday party in the Community Hall this Saturday for Nan’s 90th.  I reckon she’ll still be able to thrash me at bowls with one hand behind her back.  When I pluck up courage to go, that is.

Meanwhile, it seems the neighbors have been speculating about what goes on over here.  There is a steady stream of cars and trucks (mostly trucks) and men in and out of my place daily.  The visitors are Adam, several of his mates, numerous delivery truck drivers, and several tradesmen.  All of this activity, of course, is related to my moving in and getting renovations started, and my healthy addiction to online purchasing.  Adam and mates have been a terrific help with the schlepping of boxes and furniture, back and forth, forth and back. I realise their dedication to the task involves a fair bit of cupboard love, but that’s okay.  I’d rather be cooking than schlepping.  This traffic should continue for quite a while, until the renovations are completed.  Renovations haven’t actually started yet…I wait with bated breath for the builder to arrive, tools in hand…  For now there seems to be a need for these things to be discussed a lot…  To be fair, the weather has not been particularly conducive to doing much outside work, and there are drainage issues to be sorted out first.

I do have new appliances installed in the kitchen, and many of the fixtures for the new bathrooms have arrived.  There is everything — including the kitchen sink — on my back patio at the moment.  But the more exciting deliveries are yet to come.  I succumbed, once again, to an online art auction last week.  It was in New Mexico, so it was an all-nighter for me.  I’m not at my best when I’m sleep-deprived (which is most of the time). But I bought some very nice things.  Plus, I accidentally bought a hand-woven turkish rug (54″x83″).  It was made in 1880 — the same year as this house.  When I say I bought it accidentally, that’s because there is a wee delay between hitting the “bid” button and it being accepted.  One has to be quick…   I think my purchases will go nicely in my gallery, when I set it up–after the renovations.  Perhaps I did go a bit overboard, but I’m happy.  The email from the auction house said they will send them on two pallets.                   MM