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I used to claim that I must have some gypsy blood in me–my yearning to travel endlessly was so strong.  Well, I can now report that the gloss is gone from the gypsy lifestyle. I’m over it. Well and truly over it. This time last year I was in hospital, and whining to you that I was sick of it and wanted to be out. Earlier today I was reflecting on that time and suddenly realised that those five weeks were the longest stretch I’ve been one place during the past year. Okay, I exaggerate. But only an eensy weensy teeny tiny bit. I lived at my son, Adam’s, house for several months, and in my own house before the renovations began, but during those times I made frequent trips to Hobart. And my mind wandered endlessly.

I’m not usually one to look back much, so I’ll turn to the future — and a word about the renovation. Slow. Even though there still are no walls inside or out, it is beginning to look like a house. It will even have a roof soon. Imagine my excitement! I have a feeling that it also is a source of distraction and discussion amongst the good folks of Wilmot. Especially the bobcat parked in the kitchen.  I’m sure it’s a source of curiosity and speculation. Dare I say rumour…? I suspect I am, too.

I’m sure I’ve told you, once I’m settled in the ‘new house’ I plan to open a gallery, and with it a little coffee shop. Needless to say (but of course I will), I can think of little else these days… and nights–it’s now 4:15 a.m.

In previous posts I’ve alluded to my fondness for (oh, alright, addiction to) online auctions. Well, I have unsubscribed to all of their websites.  Hence, I no longer receive 20-30 emails a day announcing “Upcoming Auctions — BID NOW!” I’ve quit, cold turkey. And this time I really mean it, so if you’re thinking of investing in some shipping company shares, now might not be the best time.

Ming Dynasty Rooster Bowl Isn't it sweeeeet!?

Ming Dynasty Rooster Bowl
Isn’t it sweeeeet!?


I shall miss my auctions, but I have bought some lovely things… My latest acquisition was a Ming bowl. Yes! And it has roosters! What more can I say?            MM