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It’s been well over four years since I first published this article, and I’m thinking many of you won’t have seen it. It has an important message, which I feel needs to be repeated. As March and September can no longer lay claims as the windy months, I can’t see any reason to wait!             MM

Bad Hair Day?

The Meandering Matriarch

O Bad Hair Day?

In Australia, September is our March.  That is to say, March winds happen in September here, and to be honest, I’ll be glad to see the end of it.  I haven’t found anyone who likes wind. Well, maybe windmill owners.  But I expect even they have had enough.

The wind blows things over.  And away.  And off.  My house is surrounded on all sides by tall gum trees.  The wind rips off bark and drapes it most unattractively in all the wrong places.  Not to mention the branches.  I could go on…  But I won’t.  At least not about the gum trees.

I want to talk about a more serious matter.  Some of you, generally of the male persuasion, will know what is coming.  Yes, I’m talking about the comb-over, and what this windy month must mean to you.  I’m guessing many of you simply take the…

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