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I’m  not talking about diets here.  The subject is hair.  It seems the latest trend amongst the fashionista (plus anyone else willing to sell their first child to support the habit) is…wait for it…granny hair!  This apparently means any shade of grey, silver, platinum, or white.  For those lucky enough to already be at least partially grey it’s a dawdle…all they have to do is stop doing what they’re doing, which is covering up the grey.  For anyone else who wants to get the ‘granny look’ it’s a much bigger deal.  Especially if their hair is very dark.  The initial treatment can cost hundreds of dollars, and then there are the ‘touch-ups.’  Of course, if they are already colouring their hair–I’m thinking green, blue, magenta here– that is no big deal.  It just won’t be as easy for the kids to spot them in the supermarket.

I have absolutely no problem with “granny hair” being trendy.  For the first time ever, I’m fashionable!  But I just think it’s missing the point.  Granny hair isn’t only about the hair colour.  It’s also about the thin hair, and the pink scalp.  I’m betting that part of the look won’t be catching on too soon!  And then there are the granny hairdos.  I’m not even gonna go there…it’s just too painful.  No one under 60 (70?) is going to get onboard that trend.

One other thing:  is there going to be a ‘grandpa hair’ trend to match?  Please, please, PLEASE say there is.  I’m so sick of seeing ‘older men’ with dyed hair.  It’s unseemly.  It’s so obvious that they are not in their thirties, and a little grey should be showing up.    I’m immediately reminded of Ronald Reagan, the best-ever example of why men should let their hair grey naturally. Who can forget the wonderful quip by Gerald Ford: “Ronnie doesn’t dye his hair; he’s just prematurely orange.”  Listen up, guys:  grey hair and a little–or even a lot–of scalp is not unattractive.  I repeat: it is not unattractive.  Grey or bald can be quite sexy.  Lose the dye; lose the rug; and for god’s sake lose the comb-over!

That’s it for me.  I’ll get outa your hair now.         MM