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The conversation went something like this:

AG: Hello?

MM: oh, hi.  Sorry I didn’t get to the phone quickly enough…it only rang a couple times..

AG:  I hung up on you!

MM:  oh, that explains why it only rang twice..

AG:  It was an accident; I pressed the wrong spot.

MM:  Boy, do I know how that goes!

AG:  and they call them smart phones…

MM:  how come they make me feel so dumb?

AG:  I know what you mean.

MM:  so, you rang?

AG:  no, you rang me.

MM:  No I didn’t.  I was just ringing back cuz I didn’t pick up your call in time.  You rang me.

AG:  No, I was just trying to answer you.

MM:  Well I didn’t ring…

AG:  I didn’t.  I’m sure you did…


I hate phones.    (She rang first!)        MM