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How do you tell your brain to shut up and go to sleep? Geez, I wish I knew. Mine just keeps on talking by itself into the wee hours, and it keeps me awake. Then, when I need it to be alert and on the job, it’s off having a little kip. It didn’t used to be like this–it’s something I inherited from Adam, my younger son. He’s had it all his life. There’s a name for it, which I can’t recall. Something like “non-24”, which is a shortened version referring to a biological clock that isn’t tuned to a 24-hour cycle. His is at 29 hours, I think. I’m guessing mine is closer to two hours.

The trouble is, when Brain is babbling on to itself, it is either about things I don’t wish to re-visit — which leaves me feeling sad or morbid or guilty — or really interesting stuff that gets me all worked up over some new idea or scheme. If that happens, I’m toast. I may as well get up and make a cuppa and start taking notes.

Right now Brain doesn’t have much time for the negatives. It’s too busy canvassing ideas for the new house/gallery/coffee shop which at long, loooong last is approaching the fun stage — that stage where I start picking out colours and door knobs and stuff.

This is a somewhat complicated house, in that most of the downstairs will be a gallery and a little coffee shop. Apart from the kitchen, most of my living space will be upstairs. I’m like a cat with two mice — I don’t know which one to torture first… first it’s one, then it’s the other, then back again…

The original house was an old (1880) shop. I think it continued to be a shop until recent years. It sits right up to the footpath, and has the old-fashioned shopfront box windows, making it perfect for a little business. My original plan was to simply renovate. Well, the renovation quickly became a total re-build. The only bits remaining from the original building are the front door and a stained glass window above it. The scaffolding should come down soon, and when it does I’ll post a photo.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a bit (hahahahaha) of a rod for my back, I’m afraid. Some of you will recall that I am somewhat…?addicted? to online auctions. Boy, they’re fun! Anyway, I came upon one that was featuring vintage Persian rugs. Aha! methinks…perhaps I could find a rug or two for the house. What can I tell you? I bought fourteen. But in all fairness (to me, of course), every single one is excellent. All in great shape, and at a very good price. If I lived in America. But I don’t. But even with the rotten exchange rate, and shipping costs, they were a good buy.

Well! Still cloaked in the flush of success, I began to take notice of a few chandeliers, didn’t I?  I really don’t know if I saved money, but that wasn’t the object of the exercise. I wanted to find lights that would add character, and an ambience of, well, age. Same as the vintage rugs. I think it will help make the brand new house feel a bit more like the vintage it represents. We shall see.

Meanwhile, what I didn’t take into account is just how many crystals there are to take off, and put back on, to clean thirteen  chandeliers. What a goose.          MM

Here are a few photos of some of my purchases:

For one of the guest rooms, I think

For one of the guest rooms, I think

Not sure where this is going, but I love it

Not sure where this is going, but I love it

Murano glass. Love it! So it will go in my bedroom

Murano glass. Love it! So it will go into my bedroom

For the main gallery

For the main gallery

My favourite--for over the kitchen island counter

My favourite–for over the kitchen island counter

And this little sweetie -- hall table

And this little sweetie — on a hall table