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I’m pleased to introduce my two gorgeous wee bunnies, Mildred and Maxine (AKA: Millie and Maxi).  They are Dwarf Netherlands, nine & half weeks old, and adorable.  See for yourselves:

Mildred and Maxine

Mildred and Maxine

know there is only one photo of one bunny.  But if you cross your eyes until you see two bunnies, that will be Mildred and Maxine.  They are identical.  The only way I can tell them apart is by their behaviour.  Millie is the slightly more sociable of the two.  Or the braver. And more curious.  Maxi tends to hold back, and she just sits a lot.  They both can eat their way through more kale than I’m comfortable buying from one store.  People look at me and my trolley full of kale a bit strangely.  At the check-out counter I feel compelled to explain my purchases to the check-out person.  Why should these people care? I ask myself.  I really don’t have an answer, but it’s kale

I know some people eat kale because it’s supposed to be healthy, (how very brave of them!) but not a basketful.  The farmers around here buy carrots by the truckload to feed to their cattle.  It isn’t unusual to see carrots along the road where they have rolled off.  Suddenly I find myself wanting to stop the car and jump out to collect them.  I’ve resisted the temptation thus far, but woe to me if I ever see kale spilled out onto the road!

The poor little girls have had a very rough start to their new life in Wilmot.  Except for their first couple days, their time here has been cursed with filthy weather.  As my new house is not yet complete(!), I am still renting a place.  As such, I can’t bring the wee bunnies inside. I bought them a Taj Mahutch.  It really is very grand, but I haven’t managed to keep it dry and cozy for them.  The wind, you see.  It is relentless, and cold, and wet.  They do have an upstairs in the Taj Mahutch which is drier, and hopefully a bit warmer, but it’s still pretty awful.  The tarp I put over and around it just billows out, and the cold, wet rain blows in.  They probably think I’m mostly useless, not being able to protect them from the elements.  But then I give them kale.


i mentioned that I am still not in my house.  In case you are trying to remember how long it has been since I started raving on about it, the count is now twenty months and counting.  But we won’t dwell on that part.  Once it is finished, the house is going to be swell.  Really swell.  The downstairs will be a wonderful art gallery and dining room,   (and a terrific kitchen). Also, a coffee shop.  Upstairs is my master suite and two lovely guest rooms that will be a B & B.  That’s the plan, anyway.  The upstairs is mostly painted, with wallpaper to be added in some areas.  I think the tiling is being done this week.  It shouldn’t be long before the upstairs is finished.  I hope.

I’ve added some things to make it all take longer (not that that was my aim, only the result).  For health reasons (ahem) I have little choice but to have a small exercise pool installed.  I’m such a delicate little petal that it will have to be indoors, and heated.  🙄

Once the verandah is added, I’ll post a photo or two.  You can start planning your trip to Tasmania any time…the B&B should be up and going in a few months.  I’ll let you know when the website for it is done.

Meanwhile, the online auctions have been making a killing.  Oh, my.  I want to have everything I need before I move in.  I know what the moving process will be like, and I also know that I won’t be able to do justice to the auctions when I’m in a catatonic state.  There is a shipping company in Sydney which is probably having to hire new staff on account of me… I try to help out where I can. 😑  Anyway, it’s all happening at this end.  So much to think about… My brain is in free fall, but at least it gives me an alternative to thinking about current politics.