Who Is The Meandering Matriarch?

I am the Meandering Matriarch. I am more than alliterate, I aspire to literate. Expatriated from the U.S of A, to the world’s treasure island, Tasmania, I have wandered the world. My call is to synthesis — from life experiences of folk, academia, bureaucracies, wilderness, art, music, love, and laughter.

My view is thoughtful, my musings reflective, with a twist.

My passion is to engage others, crafting and teasing ideas and concepts in written form, though I can be shy face to face. I am more comfortable in myself, but realise the need we all have to test and challenge.

Come meander with me the highways and byways of this shared life.           MM

1 thought on “Who Is The Meandering Matriarch?”

  1. Sue Ellen,
    Your post moves me to think of what I might write on such a page . . . .
    Michael in Sydney

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