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This is worse than naming a baby! Everyone has an opinion — negative — but so far no one has any (interesting) suggestions. You are no doubt wondering what the dickens I am blathering on about.  Well, I’m trying to come up with a good name for my little coffee shop/pie shop which I hope to open in a few months. It will be sort of an extension of the art gallery, but will have its own identity. Given that the gallery (“Views“) will be bit on the arty-farty side, I want the coffee/pie shop to be more casual. I think choosing the right name will be critical to establishing its image, or ‘brand.’

My little clan — or pack, as we’ve become since Mini joined us about a year ago — is thoroughly divided on the issue. That is, all of them vs me. (I didn’t say it was evenly divided…)

To a person, they all hate my favourite name:

We have pie


I think we could have a lot of fun with that name.  The others prefer names  like “The Pie Shop” or “The Wilmot Pie Shop.” One of us (I won’t say who, but of course Mini is Adam’s dog) — anyway, one of us wants to call it “The Black Dog Cafe.”

Adam and Mini

Adam and Mini

Ironically (in my opinion), the big objection to MUGSHOTS is that it would call to mind CRIMINALS, and that would not be good branding. Well, for my part, I think folks would be more likely to find that reference amusing, and see it as referring to a MUG of coffee (and get the play on words, of course). On the other hand, BLACK DOG is a well-known reference and strong image for depression. I rest my case. Except to say, I am willing to concede that my taste, or sense of humour, might be totally inappropriate for this task. (Hell, I even thought BREWHAHA was kinda cute.) I will give in graciously if I’m shouted down online as well as at home. And I will be especially grateful for some better ideas.

So I’m asking for your opinions and /or ideas. Do let me know what you think.

Hmmm. I wonder if I should suggest “Caffeine-a-Go-Go” to Adam…?                      MM