Scat Happens


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Well, once again I am hoist with my own petard.  Or, put another way, I am foiled by my own plan.  I try to remain philosophical on these occasions, but sometimes it’s harder than others.  This is one of those times.  Not just because it will be more than a little costly, but because I was a bit emotionally attached to the items in question.

You may recall that sometime ago I purchased a number of vintage and antique chandeliers and other light fittings through online auctions.  I thought the older light fixtures would add a certain ambience to my house, (which is still under construction).  The house is replacing an original 1880s house which I had intended to renovate, but which soon became a re-build. I think it will be wonderful, if and when it is ever completed.  But it won’t have any of the antique light fittings I bought from here and there…  It seems none will meet Australian electrical standards.  I knew, of course, that those from overseas would have to be rewired, but it seems even the Australian ones won’t be useable.  Too old, I guess, which was the whole idea in the first place.

I truly don’t understand why they can’t simply be rewired, removing all the electrical bits and keeping all the pretty bits.  Is the brass not brassy enough?  Or the crystals not crystally enough?  I don’t get it.  I admit, I’m totally ignorant of anything electrical or mechanical, so I have to take my electrician’s word for it, but it feels to me like we’re throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I now have ten light fixtures to to replace.  I had already bought new ones for a few areas so it isn’t like everything has to be replaced, but my favourites are destined to become wind chimes or something.  Most can be replaced with similar new ones, but I’m pretty sure my very favourite one won’t be able to be duplicated.

My favourite--for over the kitchen island counter

My favourite–for over the kitchen island counter

All the parts are there.  Wouldn’t you think they could just be applied to some new wiring?

There is a tiny upside in all this:  now I won’t have to polish all that old metal and wash and re-hang all those dang crystals…

Okay.  I’ve had my little grizzle.  I’m gonna go sulk for a while.       MM