The Meandering Matriarch

I thought I had insured myself against any further–unexpected--Friday 13th nastiness by arranging to have a root canal at 8:30 A.M.  And it worked pretty well for most of the day.  In fact, I was having an unusually good day (after the root canal, that is).  Oh, sure, the heat pump guy didn’t show up, but I can’t say I was too surprised about that–he had already demonstrated a substantial measure of unreliability–so, although that was annoying, it didn’t detract too much from my otherwise-pretty-good day.

It wasn’t until around 7 P.M. that things came unglued.  Well, glued, actually.  Here’s what happened.  I have quite a few picture framing jobs to do, including repairing several old frames and making some new ones.  Now that I’ve finally painted that wall successfully, I am keen to re-arrange some pictures and generally take advantage of the fact that…

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